Apr 11, 2010

Home For The Moment

Austin. I'm calling it home...for a moment.   
Sometimes I feel that if Austin was a person, we would be family. It's weird, I'm weird....it was immediate love.  
Austin marches to it's own beat, its spirit flowing freely.
I love the feeling of constant creation going on around me. This city loves to create. Creation through pen,  paintbrush,  or a garden. It surrounds me. And so I fell in love.
I fell in love walking through Zilker park on a Saturday morning.
I fell in love combing through thrift store treasures and finding that t-shirt from 1984 that I suddenly know I can't live without.
I fell in love walking down South Congress, my favorite spot for people watching.
I fell in love with the community I found here.
 It was unexpected and beautiful.
Austin. I'm calling it home...for a moment. I'd call it home for longer but life has a way of moving sometimes without you wanting it to. Life may move me to another home...for another moment. Even so,  Austin will always be that weird, kooky, beautiful family member that will welcome you back anytime.

Wanna know what's going on in Austin? Austin 360 is one of my favorite sites. Check it out.

Feb 13, 2010

It Begins.

This is where it started.


It's where I met a friendly villager eager to show this fella off.

Where I discovered fried scorpion isn't really that bad. Promise.

And where I made friends with some of the most beautiful people. Precious souls.

It was an end too.

An end to having only one home. 

This place, for however short of a time I experienced it, had become another home to me. 

And so the nomad girl was born.